The 2016 Convention, Additional Information


In order to simplify registration, everything is done via our partner's website. Payment can be made online and is given back to the OORAA association for organising the convention.


This is a tentative program. It may be modified without notice...

Registration will take place on Friday and Saturday between 8:30 and 10:00 am. After that, registration will only be possible between the workshops.

The shop will be open on Friday and Saturday between 4:30 and 5:30 pm, and on Saturday and Sunday between 8:30 and 10:00 am.

Workshops will take place in rooms Issei Yoshino, Akira Yoshizawa, Eric Joisel, and Thoki Yenn.

very complexe
Friday 10-28
room Issei Yoshino room Akira Yoshizawa room Eric Joisel room Thoki Yenn
registration 8:30 -- 10:00
João Charrua

Ilan Garibi
variants of the "cube tessellation"

Dianela Carboni
Two lizards

flower tower

10:00 -- 12:30
welcome speech 13:45
Gen Hagiwara
Halloween models

Giang Dinh/
hommage to the bird base

Shuki Kato
Chibi Totorro

Alizée Glasser
la danseuse

14:00 -- 16:30
shop opens 16:30 -- 17:30
atelier "technique photo"

Dave Brill
triangular Flexicube

groupe OAS

17:30 -- 19:30
conferences : Gen Hagiwara, Alizée Glasser and João Charrua 21:00 -- 22:00
free folding Larysa Osadchuk & Alain Delmotte
Origami & Espéranto, deux langues universelles et arts de communication pour faciliter l'entente dans le monde
OAS group

22:00 -- ???
Saturday 10-29
room Issei Yoshino room Akira Yoshizawa room Eric Joisel room Thoki Yenn
registration 8:30 -- 10:00
Gen Hagiwara

Ilan Garibi
volume tessellations

Shuki Kato

Giang Dinh
clown (and probably monkey)

10:00 -- 12:30
discour d'accueil 13:45
Alizée Glasser
la rose cantatrice & la rose

João Charrua
/Mr Scull

Shuki Kato

Paula Versnick
"nagano" tato box//

14:00 -- 16:30
shop opens 16:30 -- 17:30
Melina Hermsen
free floding tessellation (without grid)

Tetsuya Gotani

Vincent Floderer
conférence et vidéo "la galaxie des plis"
François Désarménien
Roman Diaz acrobat elephant

17:30 -- 19:30
conferences : Ilan Garibi, Giang Dinh and Shuki Kato 21:00 -- 22:00
free folding Daniel Chang
wet folding masks

Stéphane Gérard
spinning top

22:00 -- ???
dimanche 10-30
room Issei Yoshino room Akira Yoshizawa room Eric Joisel room Thoki Yenn
registration 8:30 -- 10:00
Alizée Glasserla mademoiselle

João Charrua
bear and M Fish

Sébastien Limet
Sphinx à tête de mort

plier et sculter des têtes de mamifères

10:00 -- 12:30
Gen Hagiwara

Giang Dinh/
penguin, duck and bird

Shuki Kato
touffel and Tokyo tower

Ilan Garibi
braided bowl

14:00 -- 16:30
shop opens 16:30 -- 17:30
convention ends 17:00


Like last year, the convention will take place at the centre international de séjour de Lyon.

The center is located in the district ""États-Unis" of Lyon, in the 8th arrondissement. Several bus and tram come here, making it easily accessible.

The complete street address is

Ethic Etapes - CISL Lyon
103 boulevard des Etats-Unis
69008 Lyon

Tel. 04 37 90 42 42

Agrandir le plan

Coming bytrain

The two Train stations in Lyon are:

Depending on where you come from, you will arrive at one or the other. (More probably Lyon Part-Dieu...)

Coming by plane

The airport in Lyon is called Saint-Exupery. There is a special tramway line that goes from the center of Lyon (Lyon Part-Dieu) to the aiport : more details on the site of "RhôneExpress.

The simplest is to take this tramway to Lyon Part-Dieu and use public transportation (see below).

Public transportation

Several buses pass by the CISL: buses C16, C22 and C25, and the tramway T4. The name to stop at the center is "Professeur Beauvisage - CISL". These are some possibilities:

Coming by car

The simplest is to follow road No. 383 and take the exit "États-Unis". There is no private parking but street parking is easy and free!


For more information, you can use our email address