The Convention, Additional Information


In order to simplify registration, everything is done via our partner's website. Payment can be made online and is given back to the OORAA association for organising the convention.

Several choices are possible when you register:

It is also possible to ask for a room at the CISL, which mean you don't have to commute to the convention... You can book a room on the registration page. Prices are:

The CISL isn't a normal hotel and you cannot book a room by yourself. Which is why you have to do that with the registration.


Registration and the "orithèque" will be held in room Eric Joisel :

The "orithèque" will be open on Friday and Saturday from 5'00 p.m. to 6'00 p.m. and on Sunday from 9'00 a.m. to 10'00 a.m.

Workshops and other events will happen in rooms Thoki Yenn, Akira Yoshizawa, Issei Yoshino and Neal Elias.

vendredi 28 octobre
salle Thoki Yenn salle Akira Yoshizawa salle Issei Yoshino salle Neal Elias
Alain Georgeot
deer, by Fred Rohm
Nicolas Terry
Vincent Achard
Gilles Radennes
10:00 -- 12:00
Dasa Severova
Flora perpetual
Brian Chan
water dragon
Fernando Gilgado
Eric Gjerde
Pleat expansion
14:00 -- 17:00
free folding Conférence Hélène Serpollier : « Les mots oiseaux », liant parole et écriture, et origami
conference by Fernando Gilgado
games and free folding
20:00 -- 24:00
samedi 29 octobre
salle Thoki Yenn salle Akira Yoshizawa salle Issei Yoshino salle Neal Elias
Geneviève Pélissier
cube rose by Valerie Vann

and Annie Cousin : marmot
Nicolas Terry
Aurèle Duda
framed twists
10:00 -- 12:00
Sipho Mabona
rhinoceros, first group
Brian Chan
Fernando Gilgado
Eric Gjerde
flagstone concept
14:00 -- 17:00
free folding string figures show,
Salvatori Cannarozzi
how to prepare sandwich paper 18:00
free folding conferences by Brian Chan and Eric Gjerde 20:00 -- 24:00
dimanche 20 octobre
salle Thoki Yenn salle Akira Yoshizawa salle Issei Yoshino salle Neal Elias
Sipho Mabona
rhinoceros, second group
Brian Chan
Fernando Gilgado
Eric Gjerde
dragon helix
10:00 -- 12:00
Sipho Mabona
end of rhinoceros, second group
Vincent Achard
Michel Lucas
rosettes, by Tomoko Fuse
Krystyna Burczyk
twirl models
14:00 -- 17:00


Like last year, the convention will take place at the centre international de séjour de Lyon.

The center is located in the district ""États-Unis" of Lyon, in the 8th arrondissement. Several bus and tram come here, making it easily accessible.

The complete street address is

Ethic Etapes - CISL Lyon
103 boulevard des Etats-Unis
69008 Lyon

Tel. 04 37 90 42 42

Agrandir le plan

Coming bytrain

The two Train stations in Lyon are:

Depending on where you come from, you will arrive at one or the other. (More probably Lyon Part-Dieu...)

Coming by plane

The airport in Lyon is called Saint-Exupery. There is a special tramway line that goes from the center of Lyon (Lyon Part-Dieu) to the aiport : more details on the site of "RhôneExpress.

The simplest is to take this tramway and use public transportation (see below).

Public transportation

Several buses pass by the CISL: buses C16, C22 and C25, and the tramway T4. The name to stop at the center is "Professeur Beauvisage - CISL". These are some possibilities:

Coming by car

The simplest is to take the road No. 383 and to exit "États-Unis". There is no private parking but street parking is easy and free!


Lunch and dinner can be taken at the CISL restaurant. You pay directly there.

Note : it is not possible to pay with a credit card at the CISL restaurant.


For more information, you can use our email address or contact Nicolas Terry by phone at +33 6 17 57 17 60.