Convention 2011, 28 - 30 octobre 2011

Three days, three special guests for the ultimate origami experience!


Just like last year, the Ultimate Origami Convention 2011 will take place in the centre international de séjour de Lyon (CISL), from October 28th to October 30th 2011. Holding the convention at the CISL allows

Invités internationaux

The Ultimate Origami Convention aims at being a very technical and advanced origami convention. The guest folders are chosen to answer the participants' expectations...

Brian Chan is mostly known for his brilliant and amazing pieces. He has been invited to the best origami conventions around the world (Japan, Korea, USA, Italy, Spain, ...) and he is currently preparing a book with the famous OrigamiHouse company. You can have a look at his website or his Flickr page
Eric Gjerde is one of the world's experts on tessellations. He wrote the only available book on the subject: "Origami Tessellations: Awe-Inspiring Geometric Designs". You can look at his work on his Flickr page or his web site.
Fernando Gilgado Gomez is probably Spain's most famous and most prolific folder. He has written a dozen origami books and most of his models are very complex. His creations can be seen on his web site or his Flickr page
Sipho Mabona (Switzerland), who came to the 2009 convention and was one of the invited folder for the 2010 convention will also be there to teach us one of his newest models. Your can browse his web page and his Flickr album.

Contact and registration

In order to simplify registration, everything is done via our partner's website. Payment can be made online and is given back to the OORAA association for organising the convention.

Several choices are possible when you register:


For any question, please contact us at, or on the phone (Nicolas Terry: +33 6 17 57 17 60).