The association "OORAA"


L'OORAA (Organisation des Origamistes de Rhône Alpes and d'Ailleurs) is a non-profit association that was created in 2006 by a small group of folder from the Rhône Alpes region. The ambition was to organize a yearly "complex origami" convention in the Rhône Alpes area. It's now been several years, and thanks to the quality of the invited folders, the convention is still attracting more people every time.

In order to make the convention as enjoyable as possible, the OORAA works in close collaboration with the online origami shop Origami Shop. It is thanks to this partnership that participants get access to the best quality books and papers available.

Previous Conventions

The team

Pierre Hyvernat Nicolas Terry Blandine Colin Karine Douillet Mehdi Zarrad Stéphane Gérard
president vice-president secretary accountant


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