Lyon Ultimate Origami Convention #13

October 25-27, 2019

Lyon Ultimate Origami Convention

The 13th convention will be held October 25 to October 27, 2019, at the Centre International de Séjour de Lyon (CISL).

The intended audience is advanced and complex folders from all over the world.

This year, the invited folders will be : JW Park, Dáša Ševerová, Oriol Esteve, Artur Biernacki and Yongik Jang.


You can register for one to three days :

  • One day : 70 € 63 € before September 25th
  • Two days : 90 € 81 € before September 25th
  • Thre days : 100 € 90 € before September 25th


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JW Park

JW Park was born in 1989. Nowadays, he is working as a cabin crew. It's been quite a while since he started origami, but he has recently begun to create his own works. He usually makes mammals and dinosaurs by using 22.5 degrees angles. He participated in publications from Origami House several times. His major works are his Doberman, Tyrannosaurus and Boar. He looks forward to be a part of the Lyon Ultimate Origami Convention.

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Dáša Ševerová

Dáša Ševerová is a passionate origamist, maker, student and teacher. In her life she enjoys combining these things together in many different ways. She studied mathematics and biology and worked as teacher in school for gifted kids in Slovakia for several years. After her son was born, she moved to Switzerland where she spent almost all her free time exploring origami. Soon after she started to create her own models. She loves geometry, which is the most characteristic feature in her creations. Her models include stars, flowers, boxes, tessellations and knotology polyhedra. As a teacher she is very interested in ways how to use origami in school for better and deeper understanding of geometry. Last year she published her book Origami Journey mapping past 10 years of her origami explorations.

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Oriol Esteve

Oriol Esteve started to design origami with a very few background as a folder. In 2014, with Enrique Martínez and Joel García Moix, he created the OAS group (Origami Always Succeed) in Barcelona, focusing on quick original designs, sharing experiences in bars and public places. His favourite subject are animals with a cute or funny approach. His models have clear edges, few shapping, usually intermediate level. Peterpaul Forcher and Roman Díaz are two origamist that play an influence in his work. He has published in several convention books and origami magazines. He's the author of Stop thinking, start folding, a book with more than 30 original designs and personal thoughts. He has been invited as a special guest in the Origamit 2018, Bogotá 2019 and AEP-Sevilla 2019. Also in OrigamIsrael 2019 and PCOC 2019, along with the OAS group.

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Artur Biernacki

Artur, a Polish origami creator and artist, got interested in the art of paper folding at the age of 15, when he found diagrams by foreign creators. He started searching for other books on this topic. Ultimately, Internet has become his inexhaustible knowledge database. Works of Japanese origami creators, such as Akira Yoshizawa, Hideo Komatsu and Satoshi Kamiya became an inspiration for him to create his own models. He is a conservatist when it comes to rules of folding paper. He uses neither scissors nor glue, mostly folding square-shaped paper sheets. In 2004, he joined the editorial staff of In 2006, alongside with other members of the portal, he co-founded the Polish Origami Association. He is the author of two books : Origami made in Poland and Polish your origami. He also posts his diagrams in various domestic and foreign magazines and bulletins. He was a special guest of the AEP Convention Origami in 2009 and the Hungary Origami Convention in 2017.

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Jang Yong Ik

Jang Yong Ik lives in Seoul, Korea. Born on August 21, 1991, like many people who enjoy origami, he started origami when he was young. Since his birth, he started to create naturally because it was difficult to access origami books or materials there. He enjoyed origami deeply when he grew up and wanted to be a writer. So, he majored in visual design and now is working as a graphic designer. Apart from his job, he edits the Origami Pro series every year. Just as origami had a great influence on the job, the design elements are important to his craft. He usually enjoys a variety of creative themes, and doesn't care about techniques or difficulty. He feels the greatest pleasure in creating a target image.

You want more ?

The following artists have confirmed their presence. All of them will teach at least one class.

Alexander Kurth Alexander Kurth ('15 guest)