Lyon Ultimate Origami Convention #12

November 02-04, 2018

Lyon Ultimate Origami Convention

The 12th convention will be held November 02 to November 04, 2018, at the Centre International de Séjour de Lyon (CISL).

The intended audience is advanced and complex folders from all over the world.

This year, the invited folders will be : Roman Diaz, Jeremy Shafer, Chen Xiao (aka Obelisk) and Riccardo Foschi.


You can register for one to three days :

  • One day : 70 €
  • Two days : 90 €
  • Thre days : 99.99 €


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Roman Diaz

Roman Diaz creates one-of-a-kind models from classical ideas. Thanks to a thorough observation of nature, he breathes life into them. His folding sequences are incredibly elegant and pleasing to follow. We invited him in 2013, and we are eager to welcome him back.

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Riccardo Foschi

A young Italian creator who shares his models via his YouTube channel. His original creations are full of personality. With curves and subtlety, he gives them a genuine expressivity.

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Chen Xiao "Obelisk"

Obelisk is from Guangdong, China. He started origami in 2008 and focuses on humanoid origami models. In order to pursue his passion, he chose to work as a paper art designer. He hopes to make a career in origami and for his artworks to help spread the charm of origami.

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Jeremy Shafer

Origami designer, juggler, unicyclist, magician, fire eater... Jeremy Shafer is a complete artist. Extremely productive and creative, his action models are full of humor and inventivity. Having him here ensures a jolly good time and many unforgettable memories.

You want more ?

The following artists have confirmed their presence. All of them will teach at least one class.

Alexander Kurth Alexander Kurth ('15 guest)

Alexander Kurth Alizée Glasser ('16 guest)

André Gacko André Gacko

Enrique Martinez Enrique Martinez

Hubert Villeneuve Hubert Villeneuve

Kaze Lucien "Kaze" Derainne ('17 guest)

Marc Vigo Marc Vigo

Oriol Esteve Oriol Esteve

Raphaël Maillot Raphaël Maillot

Sébastien Limet Sébastien "sebl" Limet ('13 guest)

Vincent Floderer Vincent Floderer ('08 & '17 guest)